A Classic Way of Addiction – Hookah

Smoking and addiction are closely related. The cause of smoking addiction is nicotine. And this is also present in a water pipe. It is not yet clear whether the risk of smoking cigarettes is significantly higher than smoking with the Hookah or vice versa. What is certain, however, is that smoking is by no means conducive to health. However, the reason why Hookah smokers who consume a whistle for the relaxation of the mind and the body, believe that an actual stress reduction in the body by a Hookah cannot be proved. HookahNYH is the best place to enjoy the Hookah in a classic way. It can be also a party point if you will enjoy it with your friends.

At present, intensive research is being conducted on the topic of Hookah. Nevertheless, there are currently binding facts:

  • By flavored tobacco, Hookah is often referred to as a “tasty” starter
  • Significantly higher nicotine concentration in the blood is detectable than after smoking a cigarette
  • Cardiovascular patients should refrain from smoking the Hookah better completely
  • Hookah smoking during pregnancy can have negative consequences for the health of the unborn baby
  • Increased risk of infections such as herpes
  • Nicotine can become addictive, regardless of the form it is consumed

How does the Hookah work?

A Hookah almost always consists of several parts. Here are the most important 4 ingredients: clay pots, metal/wood body with the smoke column, glass vessel and hose. There is also a windscreen, a carbon Tong, an ash disc, a valve with valve ball and rubber seals. If you are still eager to know more about the Hookah and if you want to find out the best place of Hookah Lounge, it could be HookahNYH.

When you pull the hose, the tobacco is burnt by the heat of the coal. By the vacuum of the pulling, the smoke is drawn from above through the smoke column of the pipe down into the water. The smoke column serves both the cooling and the filtering of the smoke. (That is, the longer the pipe neck, the cooler the smoke). Here pollutants and tobacco particles are filtered out and the smoke is cooled further. Then the smoke finds its way through an “exit” to the hose and further into the lungs and consumer starts enjoying it for a certain period of time.