Smoking Weed: Positive Health Effects Associated With The Drug

Though smoking and cultivating weed is illegal in many parts of the world, there is a liberation occurring as we enter a transitional phase where people are beginning to realise the positive effects associated with cannabis. Medical researchers are slowly starting to advocate its use, and for medicinal and therapeutic purposes, there are considerable benefits to be explored. Weed has become legal in countless states across America for medical purposes, and a number of states have even legalized the drug for recreational use. This suggests progress towards the drug being widely accepted, and is a huge step for freedom fighters across the world.

If you require medical marijuana to alleviate the symptoms of something you are experiencing, which can be anything from a minor condition to a serious illness, companies such as Kushly are fantastic for offering a service where the plant be delivered directly to your door, providing a convenient service which is fantastic for helping you experiment with this wondrous drug that occurs in nature.

For recreational users, there are considerably more health benefits than are currently perceived, and this article aims to outline five health biggest benefits linked with smoking marijuana.


Smoking weed has commonly been associated with improved creativity, where users have reported an enhancement in their cognitive thinking processes related to thinking horizons. Writers, poets, artists, and many other professionals have reported an increase in their creative thinking when they smoke weed, and to boot, recent research suggests that cannabis use can improve the retentive nature of memory.

Eating Disorders

Marijuana increases you desire to eat, and this is famously referred to as ‘the munchies’. With this being said, cannabis can be used as a fantastic drug to help treat eating disorders, especially considering it instigates you to eat. If people are trying to gain weight or are experiencing a non-willingness to eat, marijuana is a great solution, where it can not only improve eating disorders, but cure them entirely.

Nearly a quarter of the population suffer from migraines, and since marijuana has become legal in certain states for medicinal use, doctors have reported cannabis is an effective treatment for migraines, where it has been subscribed for hundreds of thousands of cases in California already, one of many states which has been famously known for advocating cannabis use. This comes as a huge surprise when considering conventional medicines have been unable to treat migraines, further propelling marijuana as a wonder medicine which holds therapeutic properties unlike no other.


Weed is a natural anti-depressant which doesn’t carry harsh side effects, and cannabis has been reported to help block negative emotions which are associated with depression. It can additionally help disorders which are often linked to depression, including insomnia and hyperactivity, and without the toxic effects associated with other drugs, your body can breathe a sigh of relief when it gets cannabis over other drugs.

Bowel Disease
Inflammatory bowel diseases can be effectively treated with marijuana, especially considering weed has incredible anti-inflammatory properties. Weed is known to keep the cells of the intestine tightly bonded together, which prevents bacteria finding its way in, a factor which is often linked to bowel disease.

I hope you have found this article informative, and remember to research on the never ending hunt to cannabis freedom!