Diabetes Management Plan To Lower A1C Like Never Before!

A1C is a popular blood test that doctors recommend diabetes patients to judge how the diabetes management plan is working for the patients by revealing the average blood sugar level over past few months. Avoid certain foods like sugar, cold drinks and sweets can stop the growth of A1C number but unless you take certain foods and measures, your diabetes management plan will fail, and your A1C number will never get lowered. In this article, we will address how to lower A1C over a period of few months so that when you take the A1C test next time, you get a positive result.

Steps To Lower A1C In A Matter Of Few Months –

Check Before You Eat – Once you have detected that your blood sugar level is high, you need to visit a dietician and plan your diet so that your blood sugar level does not rise any further. Furthermore, you have to keep changing your diet as per the result of the A1C test. The most important aspect is to know what you should eat, what you should not eat and what you are eating. Make sure your know ingredients of the food you are eating.

how to lower A1C

For example, you cannot drink processed fruit juice because of high sugar level, but you may not be aware of the fact that it has sugar. Hence, you need to check before you eat and always eat homemade food. Moreover, you have to check on carbohydrate, eat more salad and non-starchy vegetables and follow the diet strictly. There are certain stuff like broccoli, blueberries, spinach, turmeric that cut down your blood sugar level.

Effective Result With Exercise – Maintaining proper diet will definitely show the result in the long term, but if you want short to medium term result, you have to exercise along with dieting. You may not be a person who enjoys exercising and hence, you have to find activities that you can do cheerfully, and your entire body can get proper exercise to sweat out the sugar from your blood. It can be a sport, running with your dog and jogging with your friends and not heavy gyming, if you hate it.

Create A Diabetes Management Plan – A how to lower A1C plan consists of all the activities you need to achieve a target blood sugar level within a certain span. Unless you are ambitious and have a certain target in mind, you will never be motivated to do what is required. Plan it with your doctor, dietician and fitness trainer if you have one. Your lifestyle should also be included in it as it is an important factor in lowering blood sugar level like proper sleep, regular meal, and physical activities.