Self employment visa in Canada

Canada has always been known and appreciated for being immigrant friendly and immigration also plays an important role in the growing of the country as a whole. It is known for its standard of living and also for the attractive offers that it has for the skilled newcomers. Canada also offers its citizens and permanent residents publicly funded health care that covers all the necessary medical services. The Canadian immigration system is designed in such a way that it is able to attract a lot of applicants who want to become self-employed in Canada through self employed visa in Canada.

Who can apply for the self employed visa?

There are a few sections or divisions of people who can apply for the self employed Canadian visa like these:

  • People in cultural activities- Those who are musicians, artists, film makers, journalists. Illustrators, directors, designers and choreographers, it also includes people who work behind the camera all of them can apply for self employed visa.
  • Athletics- Those who are into athletics, coaches, players and trainers all can apply for it.
  • Farming- Those who have experience in farming and can support their family through farming in Canada are also allowed to apply for the self employed visa in Canada.

To know more about these classes one can also refer to the self employed visa Canada forum, where people put of questions in order to clear their doubt. Furthermore in order to apply in these classes a person is required to have the following experience.

  • One should have atleast two years of experience in cultural activities or athletics at a higher level.
  • Then one who has atleast two years of self employment in cultural activities or athletics can also apply.
  • A person can also have two years of farm management experience also.

How can one qualify for getting the visa?

A person who is keen n applying  needs to get a minimum of 35 points out of 100 in the following categories:

  • Education- 25 points
  • Experience-35 points
  • Age- 10 points
  • Ability to speak English or French- 24 points
  • Adaptability- 6 points


Except for the above mentioned categories a person can also mention the following factors in order to get the self employed visa which might prove to be helpful; but these factors should be genuine.

  • Clients or customers in Canada.
  • If one has lived in Canada
  • Owns a real estate in Canada
  • Have relatives in Canada and in the city one wants to settle in

In case one in unable to get the 35 points, then relying upon these factors become necessary. The authorities also check the financial assets of a person along with the evidence like bank statements, investments statements, tax returns and many other things that proves it. So if one is keen on becoming self employed in Canada then these are following the criteria and the factors that are necessary for applying for it,