The Good The Truth And The Ugly About Tattoos

Disegni tatuaggi are not just some permanent ink that you put to your body, although there are tattoos that are meaningless and are just there for fun, most tattoos aren’t. It has a deeper meaning to culture, pride, race and so on. Tattoos aren’t just tattoos but actually symbols of belief, life and many more.

Some races and cultures have it as an option while others are required to have it. For the people that lived thru tattoos, it’s something special and sacred, but despite that, there are still many misconceptions about it. Although it’s easy to judge something that people don’t really understand like tattoos, more and more people are already open to it and there have been more people that are getting inked right now than ever before.

The mark of prison and gangs: Tattoos are no stranger to symbolism, meanings, and vandalism. If you got a tattoo, chances are the ever conservative people and sensitive about tattoos will take it something as bad. You can’t blame these people though, because they were raised in an environment where the stigma about people that are inked are bad. Who can blame them? When most goons, gangs,   people that are and were incarcerated are inked and the good guys aren’t. A good example of that is the Yakuza of Japan.

Thanks to reality shows: Reality shows have been pretty popular these past few years thanks to Survivor, that exploded reality shows to fandom because it promises real situations, real people, and real emotions. Because of that show, almost everything became a reality show. No matter what your preferences in a show is, there is definitely a reality show for you. If you have a knack for tattoos, it’s never short of reality shows either. Love it or hate it, you have to admit that it opened a lot of eyes that tattoos aren’t so bad after all and it’s actually ok to get a tattoo.

Never get a tattoo if you have: Never ever get a tattoo if you have these things. Because it causes some serious medical emergencies and you will probably regret it for the rest of your life.

  • Never put name tattoos, unless it’s your kid. Name tattoos had always been a bad idea, for a fact that it’s permanent. If you got a tattoo of someone and you broke up, you would want their name erased from your skin. The problem is that it’s already permanent, so the solution is to cover it up with an even bigger tattoo. So before you get to that situation, never ever put a name tattoo on you’re unless it’s your kid’s name.
  • If you got allergies to ink, you then you cant have one. this is the reason why most tattoo shops or parlor inks a very small tattoo on someone to test a potential tattoo client for allergies. The same with skin testing performed in hospitals to test if a person is allergic to a certain antibiotic Allergic reaction in an ink is a nasty thing to have because your body will do everything it can to remove that link from you. If you’ve got a stomach for it, check some pictures online.

Tattoos are more than just tattoos, these tattoos are an important symbol in some races, tribes or groups. Although there are stigmas with tattooed people being bad men and the people that have tats are either the people that are incarcerated or gangs. But thanks to reality shows, that it opened the people to the reality of tattoos and has made tattoos very popular these days. As much as many people wanted to get tats nowadays, there are things that people should remember. One, for example, is to never ever have a name tattoo especially if it’s someone that is not family related or if you have allergies to the ink used in tats.