In 2018 the Mecca of football fans IS Russia.  All eyes are waiting for the action to start on 14th June at the stadium in Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow.  Russia after winning the bid among 9 competitors is gearing up to host the most awaited extravagant event the piala dunia 2018.  Football fans across the world have already started planning and booking tickets to Russia to watch their dream heroes in action.  Millions will be glued to their television sets from June 14th to July 15th when the finals are to be played at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow.  After 2006 this is the first time foot world cup is to be played in Europe.  Russia being a Eurasia country with its 77 % population on the Europe continent will have the most fun.

World cup 2018 football competition

  • Competitions and betting :

     The quadrennial event will not only keep the football fans engaged and happy, it will also bring in a lot of competitions across the world and along with it the betting on who wins in all the 64 games will start.  Already World cup Asia has announced a World cup 2018 football competition.  Rupiah 100 million is up for grabs for the 5 winners who guess the winners of the world cup.  Each of the winners will get 20 million rupiah. This brings a lot of cheer to football fans as they give an opportunity on their skills in football in guessing who will win but also rewarded in a big way for it.

      With more of online websites offering to bet legally on the outcome of the 64 games, more importantly, the quarter, semi and final games of the tournament.  All the 64 games provide a field day not only for the football fans but also to the bettors across the world.

  • Football stars :

      World cup brings an opportunity for all the football fans to see their famous stars in action.  News and articles about their semi-gods will fill in all the newspapers, social media and in television.  Reading their playing skills, lifestyle, rags to riches stories and much more will be the order of the day for the 32 days of the greatest funfair of the world.

      Piala Dunia 2018 will once again after 4 years bring the world together to one place and to forget the gruesome daily routines and make every minute of the 32 days of football an enjoyable time to be remembered for the next 4 years.