Know about psychometric assessment

It is important for organizations of all types to hire different profile employees to fit various types of positions that are lying vacant. Without proper resource and selecting the right candidates, the organization is likely to suffer immensely from low productivity, which will only mean losses and even closure of business in the future. It is for this reason the HR managers these days tend to undertake various types of pre-employment exams on the applicants. This way, they try to ensure that only the best and most eligible and qualified candidates are selected to fill up the vacant positions.

Psychometric tests

These are of three types:

  • Ability test: Through this test, the HRs are able to measure the candidate’s ability to grasp new knowledge and skills that will be required to be undertaken in the new job. this test also allows the employers to understand the following:
    • The learning ability of the specific employee
    • Future learning capabilities

The test checks broad skills like:

  • Numerical reasoning test
  • Verbal test
  • Aptitude test: This test is considered to be more job-specific. Hence, the name of such tests is quite similar to that of the job titles offered. The tests could be either specific or general in nature. For instance, the General Ability Test is regarded to be combination of 4 different tests like:
    • Verbal ability
    • Numerical ability
    • Non-verbal ability
    • Spatial ability

But these tests are generally used to identify the candidate’s general and specific abilities. If the person is applying for any job interview, then aptitude test is taken for checking the individual’s mental reasoning skills and ability.

  • Personality test: It is regarded to be another part of psychometric assessment of personality. This exam involves a questionnaire having multiple choice answers that are to be answered. The right answers are to be selected. There is no wrong or right answer. But based on the answers, the individual’s personality is judged. Emotional Intelligence is regarded to be another tool that is used to test one’s personality. It is used to identify if the individual possess excellent emotional competency. If the applicant is asked to undergo Emotional Intelligence Test, the following aspects can be known:
    • The emotions that are quite commonly present in the person and how it is being managed.
    • How can feelings be used for guiding the actions and the thought process.
    • How can the emotions be used to motivate self and others.

There are carried out different types of assessment tests by the HR managers to examine the mental preparedness of the candidate for the particular job and position applied. But all the tests based on theories are said to have different scoring system and approach.

There are readily available scores of evaluation tools in the market that can be purchased and used to make evaluations of new and existing candidates easy and effortless. This way, the organizations can hire the very best candidates who can fit the job description perfectly.