Types Of Nutrients Necessary During Pregnancy

Nutrition is a part of living and during the time of pregnancy, the amount of nutrients necessary for the body increases a number of times. Pregnancy requires taking care of the baby and helping it grow properly so that it develops better chances of immunity and normal internal organs. Among different types of nutrients, there are some specific things like vitamins and minerals which we require in trace amounts, are necessary to beat a balanced amount during pregnancy. Therefore a proper diet plan is essential for the pregnant mothers.

Nutrient Types And Content Required In Diet During Pregnancy

There are some basic nutrients like carbohydrates, protein and fat which are required in high amount in the body during pregnancy. They are mixed with blood and through the placenta reaches the baby. These nutrients help in building the body structure of the baby like developing muscles or proper bone and internal organ formation. The concentration of nutrients should be according to the consultation of dietitians and their diet plan. With their diet mothers can take digestive medicine during pregnancy which father induces the process of digestion helping their baby.

There are some micronutrients which are essential when a woman is pregnant. Vitamins and minerals help in body formation as well and also help in developing immunity. There are some special nutrients which are required in higher amounts during pregnancy like food rich in calcium and iron. Both of them are important because they help in contouring bone structure and iron is required for hemoglobin formation. Types of nutrients in the diet and their content are given below:

  1. Just like normal time carbohydrate should be the major food source. It is necessary for cellular respiration and is required in very high amount because of metabolic functions.
  2. Proteins are an essential part of muscle formation and it is very necessary that all the muscles around visceral organs are perfect. A smooth muscle contraction and relaxation can help in keeping proper control of body function after birth.
  3. Fat is also an essential nutrient because of the places where lipid is the position is important. In certain parts of the body lipid from an important character and since it is also necessary for cell formation, it is considered one of the nutrients required in high amounts.
  4. Vitamins and minerals are important for the formation of the proper immune system. This decreases the chances of getting diseases just after birth. The deficiency disorders of the vitamins and minerals may occur in both mothers and baby if they do not get proper nutrition.

All the nutrients are equally important and deficiency of any one of them can lead to complication. Thus a proper diet plan needs to be followed and with the meds for pregnancy digestion can occur perfectly. Having a proper diet it was avoiding junk food and totally depending on the home cooked food.


Digestion during pregnancy is an important part of it which needs to be maintained in order so that healthy baby can be formed eventually.