Common types of shower heads available in the market

Having a shower bath is always relaxing and enjoyable, when you have a proper and perfect shower head. When it comes to shower head there are plenty of options available, among them you have to find the one which is perfect for your needs and requirements. The best that you can do is you have to find your needs and options which will be helpful for you to find the perfect shower head for you. Having a perfect shower head gives you the blissful experiences. Before buying one try to know some the common shower heads.  The below are some of the common and basic shower heads which mostly people prefer to buy.

Top mounted shower head:

General this type of shower head is one of the common and most used one by many people. It is also called as rain shower. This type of shower head will pour water from the ceiling of your bathroom which gives you the feel like drenching in a rain. Many people love this type of shower heads. If you have low bathroom ceiling then it is advisable to go with this type of shower head.

Body spray shower head:

These types of shower head are designed to provide some massage from the head to toe while taking a shower. This is the type of shower head which is suitable all the users in the house. If you are planning to install this type of shower head then you have to renovate your bathroom completely. Also if you are planning to make use of the shower head of all aged people in your house then you can go with this type.

Wall mounted shower head:

This is one of the most standard and affordable type of shower head which is preferred by most of the people. This is very easy to install because this type of shower head will works perfectly with the existing plumbing work. Along with this you can also install the nozzle which will helps you to adjust the level of water.

Once you have decided to buy a best shower head then start searching online.