Do you open newspapers only to solve puzzles?

Puzzles are the best activity to do in your free time. It not only makes you busy but also helps to sharpen up your memory. This kind of activity is very much helpful for older adults as it improves brain functions and memory! If we do this activity in a group, then we can have plenty of advantages like getting all crossword puzzle answers quickly and while doing this your thinking ability increases and becomes more faster and correct.

Crossword puzzles came into existence around in 20th century by a journalist Arthur Wynne by publishing a word-cross in New Your World (newspaper).

These puzzles have gained so much popularity that you can even play them online and can get answers of crossword quiz which are published in popular newspapers on some sites like Crossword quiz answers, Crossword puzzle answers, etc. On these sites you can easily get accurate answers within no time. There are people who upload answers on this site as soon as they get the newspapers and solve the puzzle.

new crossword puzzle

Why people are so crazy about these?

These puzzles indulge people in such a way that before even reading the newspaper’s name, people directly open the page where they find a puzzle and start solving it without wasting time. People doesn’t even move from their place till they solve the puzzle no matter what important work they have to do. The next day these crossword quiz answers are available in the newspaper with a new crossword puzzle. Not even children, elder people also have a craze of solving these puzzles because they are in a habit of solving these since their childhood. There are many competitions related to these crossword quiz/puzzles all over the world where contestants have to solve these within no time and trust me these competitions are very much tough and beyond our expectations. These are actually very much helpful for small kids who are in learning stage and are having an ability to catch things efficiently. These puzzles engage you so deeply that sometimes you even forget the problems you are facing in your life.

The advantages of these puzzles

According to research, there are plenty of positive effects that can have on a person’s brain. First of all it sharpens the memory and makes an individual think more than their ability to catch new things immediately. There is no age limit to learning and in fact when people get older, sometimes their memory power starts decreasing, so these crossword puzzles helps them to keep their brain active. Secondly, these are helpful in learning new words and improving your vocabulary as well. They helps a person to overcome their boredom in the most effective way.

So if you understand a puzzle, you understand the puzzle of life!