Social media have introduced many new technologies like Fox News live streaming

Live streaming is the concept which was first introduced in the field of television. This was done in order to attract the audience who are watching the programs on the television. But want to go to the place where the event is conducted in order to watch the event. The concept of this live streaming is nothing but the broadcast and the event recording will be done simultaneously. Slowly this technology of live streaming started getting into the social media. And the first site which introduced this live streaming concept into social website is YouTube in 2006. Then slowly one by one all the social media have started introducing this concept. Earlier this live streaming was used in order to convey the news then and there immediately to the people. The Fox News live streaming is one of the channel which was working on this technology and hit the target audience with the right news at the right time.

live streaming app

The Twitter launched a live streaming app for their users and the people who wanted to use this technology called periscope. Using this app the users can see the news and the live video on their timeline. The person who is using this app can also share the information which they are viewing in the app. This will enable others to view the news which the user have shared. During this broadcast the viewers can also talk and share their comments regarding the news. Sometimes the viewers may also debate on the particular topic. Normally it is based on the topic. People comment and talk about the topic only if it is really interesting. When the team of Twitter wanted to give the users more accessibility for both their website and the launched app. They end up with the solution to combine both live streaming and Twitter. Now the Facebook also have introduced video streaming service. And other social websites have also started introducing the live streaming concept in their websites. They also give the live video streaming concept free of cost for the users who are having account in their websites.