Contemporary pieces of jewelry from the Viking Era

These are some of the most beloved Viking jewelry products bass on the sale and the inquiry of the variety of products available. This list consists of almost everything, ranging from fancy viking armband to historical necklaces.

viking wedding rings

Some renowned jewelry pieces

  • The black, silver tree of life rustic Viking wedding ring. The cost of this ring is 220 dollars because it has special historical significance.
  • Sterling silver Viking warrior horn pendant necklace. The cost of this necklace is 65.99 dollars. It is surprisingly affordable considering its beautiful designs and authentic symbols.
  • MjolnirThor hammer pewter pendant with dragon head necklace. The cost of this pendant necklace is 108.95 dollars. While the majority of the pendant necklace combo is made of solid pewter, the twist ring and necklace chain are made of stainless steel and this chain measures 70 cm.
  • Osberg dragon ear wrap. The cost of this is 28 dollars. It was used as decoration for none other than the 9th century Viking ship and was immediately a source of administration.
  • Genuine ancient Viking wedding ring band. The cost of this ring band is 150 dollars. This particular ring was created in Jorvik as known by the Vikings, and York as depicted by the English. The ring has been coated for additional protection, longevity while remaining invisible to avoid disturbing its natural appeal.
  • Hand-made Viking weddings ring pair. The cost of this ring pair is 608 dollars. These scrupulously crafted pair of Viking wedding rings is made of sterling silver with a beautiful purple gem to match.
  • Thor’s hammer leather necklace with bronze pantera heads. The cost of this necklace is 175 dollars. The necklace is made of genuine leather and hard braided using six wires, while the hammer and decorative wolves are made of bronze and these are available in three different sizes, as well as black or brown leather.
  • Black sterling silver and 14 k gold Viking wedding ring set. The cost of this ring is 1599 dollars. This luxurious Viking wedding ring set is truly and completely handmade using traditional craftsmanship, displaying what can only be described as ‘tamed chaos’.