Watch Netflix While Abroad Using a VPN

Since the introduction of Netflix, there has become a huge demand for online media streaming services, as it seems like the days of normal television-viewing are coming to an end.

Netflix originated in the USA and has since spread to many different countries spanning as far as South Africa. In the early days of Netflix, all you needed was access to a Netflix USA account (in other words you could be one of the dependents on a Netflix account or you needed to create an account) to access all the content offered by the streaming service.

Nowadays things are a lot different. Firstly, the content that you are able to access differs from country to country, depending on what licensing the Netflix from that country has managed to establish. For instance, the Netflix in the UK has different content (a lot more local media) to Netflix America.


Secondly, you cannot just pick and choose which Netflix server you have access to. You will be registered for the Netflix of the country in which you create that account. More specifically, you are often limited by the IP address in which you have created the Netflix account.

Your IP address is basically your cyber location in that every country has a different IP address that Netflix can see. Therefore, if Netflix picks up that your IP address is American, you will be able to create an American Netflix account and have access to all the American shows.

Using a VPN to Access Different Netflix Content

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a service that gives you added privacy and security when you are accessing the internet. A VPN can either mask your IP address or it can change your IP address, so your real location can’t be found when you are active on the internet.

A lot of VPNs have seen the potential for using their services when it comes to Netflix and has options that are specifically for viewing other countries’ Netflix content. Basically, you will use a VPN and choose the location that you want Netflix to see you are using the internet from. This then enables you to register a Netflix account in any country you please.

Not every VPN will have this Netflix option though, and not every VPN that does have this option is able to successfully hide your IP address. As a result, you will need to find a trusted VPN like Express VPN, which is one of the best ones out there for Netflix viewing.

First, you need to use a trusted VPN to change your IP address to one in America if you want to vide Netflix in the USA or any country in an American continent. Then you will need to create/register an account while the VPN is active. After you have created your account, you can access the Netflix America content by using the VPN while you are using your account.

The VPN must be active during the entire time you wish to watch Netflix US content otherwise it will pick up your actual IP address and not grant you access to the American Netflix anymore or the connection may be terminated.