Buy and install the blinds by yourself

Windows covering is generally called as window blinds. With the advanced made in technology now you don’t need to visit any shop to order them. You can do the shopping from the living room of your house itself. It is just a 4 step process Decide, Measure, Order and then install. To order the window blinds, you must know the exact measurements. Without knowing them it is not possible for anyone to order a perfect blind for the windows. Also, you need to choose different types as per the room where it is going to be used.


Choosing and installing the blinds

A typical window blind is normally made up of vertical or horizontal slats of various types of material held together by cords that run through the blind slats. Old model window blinds have to operate manually but new and modern blinds come with a remote control through which they can operate the blind. With the remote, they can either completely close it during the night and open it during the day time to let the light flow comes in.

With the modern blinds, you can install them by yourself. Website has dedicated videos and instructions which shows how a normal person can install the blinds by himself without the need of the professional trained person. You can go through the videos and learn how to do it by yourself. In the website, you can use any of your credit cards to pay for the product. They accept all major credit cards. Only thing you need to worry about is the measurement. You need to ensure you are entering the measurement accurately as the orders are made for the customized sizes it is not easy to cancel or change the order. It is better if you follow the measuring instructions as given in the website to ensure there are no problem occurs.

All the customized products of the website carries a five year warranty which includes, materials, mechanisms and components while the readymade curtains without any customization comes with only one year warranty. In case of any warranty claims to be made, you need to contact the company with the photos of the product where it is damaged. Based on the review they will arrange to pick it up for the first year and for the next years customer has to pay for dispatching the damaged products.