The power of tea tree oil around the home

If you have ever purchased products aimed at keeping your face looking clear and healthy, you have probably come across tea tree oil. It is traditionally used in products that help to reduce spots and other imperfections on the face and has a very distinctive smell. It is also used in a variety of other products as its uses are incredibly varied.

It is in fact distilled from the Melaleuca alternifolia plant which is natively found in Australia. It is an oil that is used in everything from cosmetics, medical products and household cleaners and it is so potent that it should never be ingested.

The popularity of this essential oil has increased over the last few decades and some of the reasons for this is that many benefits that can be derived from using the oil such as:

Antibacterial – The oil naturally has a high antibacterial quality which is why it is used in skin products as well as in cleaning products. It can be found in everything from home remedies for football kits through to window cleaning products that means you can keep the windows on your conservatory, that you had installed by a Conservatories Gloucester company nice and shiny all year round.  It is a broad-spectrum antibacterial quality which means that it can damage and possible eradicate a number of different bacteria.

Antifungal – tea tree oil is also antifungal and effective at killing off a number of different fungi and yeast molecules. This means it can be particularly effective at helping to treat conditions such as athlete’s foot.

Anti-Inflammatory – the reason that tea tree oil is so effective at reducing inflammation is down to the terpinen-4-ol concentration being very high. This compound has incredible anti-inflammatory properties. It is most effectively used in swellings that are as a result of allergic reactions that have come about due to a histamine response.

It is all of these benefits combined together that see tea tree oil being used as a high effective acne treatment. It not only cleanses the skin of any excess oils and dirt but it helps to remove any fungal or bacterial elements that may be resulting in the acne getting worse. It is used as standard in many face cleansers as a way in which to help prevent the build up of oil and dirt that then results in the appearance of spots. It is important that you use tea tree oil following the guidelines on your given product as it is very powerful and the scent can cause your eyes to water a little. Some products that have recently started to use tea tree include head lice shampoos as it is great at repelling pests and insects and it is thought that regular use helps t ward off these annoying little bugs from your children’s hair.