What gives us an adrenaline rush?

There are two kinds of people in the world; those who enjoy being frightened (in a non-threatening way), and those who don’t. It’s easy to figure out who falls into which group; just think about your family and friends.

Do you know people who have no fear of heights? They often work in professions that make the most of that, where maybe a ladder is involved. Then there are those who would happily try a parachute jump or are first in the line for the roller coaster. These are the type who readily invite fear into their lives, and chances are they absolutely love scary films, too!

What attracts people to scary movies?

Experts have several theories to explain why people enjoy watching films that scare them.

It makes real life less scary

The first idea is that they want to feel that way and would even feel cheated if they didn’t. Along with the fear, tension, sudden shocks and bloody scenes, the viewer also knows these things are not real. This creates a barrier between them and the actual horrors that happen in the world. Ironically, if this is the case, the scary movie actually soothes the person watching!

It feels good

Being scared increases your heart rate, breathing and blood pressure, which intensifies emotions. This means you feel good about whoever you are with and want to do it all again.

It’s genetic

Some people are just wired to crave adrenalin rushes. Around 10% of the population is thought to be made this way, and these are the people who actively chase the thrills of roller coasters, extreme sports, and films – the scarier the better. A great place to get a thrill and a holiday at the same time is some where like an F1 Paddock Club Spain get away and its easy to get tickets to from services including https://edgeglobalevents.com/f1-paddock-club/f1-paddock-club-spain/. Watch and listen to the cars shoot past you at incredible speeds.

Get the most from a scary film night

For super-fans, watching a supernatural, horror or slasher film is always fun, but if it’s showing on TV, you need a good picture. If yours isn’t working consistently, it could need some attention.
There’s no one reason that some people like watching scary films while others could not imagine anything worse. In general, it’s probably good for the world if we can all take on different challenges and fill different roles.